KMSauto activator for windows 7,8.1,10 and MS offices

KMSauto Activator

What is the KMS auto Activator?

KMSauto Activator is a famous activator that they are well-known because of its high-quality features, simplicity, and secure activation. It is wise enough to select it for Microsoft products and you won’t regret this activator has a lot of versions with enhanced features. It is best to ensure that you are using the latest version of KMSAuto lite. After the activation process, do reboot the system. The entire process of activation takes nearly 3 minutes.


 System Requirements of KMS auto Activator:

Using a KMSauto activator is one of the best and reliable ways to get a license key from the windows system. because It behaves like a universal authority amplifier to use the latest versions of windows and MS office. Therefore Microsoft has given also users limited and so then rights to use windows or other software freely, but if the offer expires soon and few people were able to take full then advantage and of it.

    OPERATING SYSTEM                                           OFFICES                                          SERVER OS


Windows 8 (. 1) Pro                                            Office 10/project/ Visio                      Win Server 2016

Win 8 (. 1) Enterprise                                         Office 13/project/ Visio                      Windows Server 2012 (R2) all

Windows 7 Enterprise/Pro                                Office 16/project/ Visio                      Windows Server 2008 R2 all

Windows 10 Pro/Enterprise                                                                                         All Servers

KMSAuto Activator uses a principle method by creating a virtual server on a PC and a real developer site is substituted by activating the software. If the virtual server somehow deletes from the PC, it means activation of also ends.

  • .Net Framework 4 package must be installed on PC.
  • You must own administrator privileges.
  • Hard disk space must have 5 MB space.

Features of KMS auto activator:

  • Fully free to use
  • Free of Malware
  • Easy to use
  • Lifetime working
  • trustable
  • Free of cost
  •  No virus threats
  • The activator is easy to use and provides a good user experience.
  • It activates almost all of the mentioned software.
  • One of the reliable and secure tools for activation.
  • KMSAuto activates the software for a lifetime.
  • The user needs to disconnect from the internet and deactivate the firewall.
  • After installation and activation, you can activate the firewall and connect to the internet.
  • KMSAuto is open-source software and all Windows users can use it.
  • It offers quick and easy activation.
  • It will enhance the performance of your PC.
  • Activator is free of malware and virus.
  • It can fix the operating system and repair all of the expired keys.
  • It is legal to use KMSAuto for windows activation.

Advantages of KMSauto Activator:

It is best to download Activator to avail the benefits of KMSAuto.

  • Provides activation for any Version: The great activator KMSAuto provides a good facility for all versions of office and windows. No matter whether you need to activate the latest version or the old version, all you need is to download the activator and do the activation.
  • Provides long-term Activation: KMSAuto provides long-term activation and leaves the user tension-free. It is truly a relief for users because of long-term activation. This feature allows the KMSAuto activator to stand out as compared to other activators.
  •  Provides secure Activation: After downloading KMSAuto from a reliable source, it is best to not tense about the security or protection of the PC because the activator is virus-free and does not contain any malware.

Benefits of downloading KMSAuto:

 Portable Version –Thus, you don’t need to install this activator, become because enough just run the executable file from the archive to get ready to use it

Easy to use – the activation process itself starts completely as a result automatically, to start you will need to press a few buttons and disable Windows Defender.

Virus-Free – those activators exist on the internet for many years, they are safe, you can see what other people think about it on the Quora forum. Windows Defender and Antivirus don’t like activators, because it’s illegal.

Save money – KMSAuto is free and lets you save money become because so by activating Windows or Office. so We are not asking you to hack the operating system, you better buy it from the owners.

Reliable Activation – this activator will accurately activate without problems, so verified by many site visitors.

How to Activate KMS auto Activator

Steps to activate Office & Windows using KMSAuto Activator

Users must remember that the activator is available only in the English language but for correct functioning, it is best to have the required hardware.

  •  Net Framework 4 package must be installed on PC.
  •  You must own administrator privileges.

Step 1: After downloading you have to Disable because  Windows Defender and Antivirus. It is safe, just but because these activators are illegal, they are considered dangerous by antivirus.

To see beside detailed instruction, click any link below that match your version of Windows. You have to turn off real-time protection, that’s will be enough. so After activating you can turn it back on.

Step 2: Secondly, Next what you have to do is unzip everything from the zip file to any folder. Maybe you will need Win-RAR to unzip (click for download Win-RAR). Also, the archive will ask password from you, the password is – windows.

Step 3: Therefore, Okay, and now go to the folder with KMSAuto Net, run as an administrator file KMSAuto .exe. Now press “Activation”.
Step 4: Press “Activate Windows”, if you want to activate Windows or press “Activate Office” so, if you want to activate Office. Confirm every message from the activator, while the activation process. Wait, until activation will be done. After, close the program.
Step 5: Congratulations! As we can see, Windows is activated, MS Office also is activated
thus, It is better to carry out this operation with Windows immediately after installation or update, do not delay it. Perhaps in the future, with system updates, it will no longer be possible to do this. As a result We successfully

Final Words

KMSAuto has been popular for a long time due to its efficiency and intuitive interface. so, All your favorite products from Microsoft can now be available with all possible lists of services and features without financial investment. therefore  The activator activates the required software without any problems. because We have described how to do this in the detailed instructions with screenshots. so You can download the most reliable and secure latest version of the program on our website.




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